The Autism News Network Experience Movie Watch Party

Please join us at 7:30PM EDT on Thursday June 13th for the online premiere of the Autism News Network Experience! movie.

The Autism News Network Experience feature film is created by individuals on the Autism spectrum. In this film, you will find stories of our experiences with Autism, some light hearted fun, and some interviews with influential individuals in the community. All Autism News Network television material is written, produced, and directed by adults with Autism! 


Written and Directed by: Amy Trotter, Cameron Geathers, Chris Cole, Kristina Blake, Lee Neathery, Melissa Goldfine, Miles Banks, Nathan Saylors, Scott Biehl, McCoy Knight, Rider Anderson, Cameron Slawter, Frampton Gwynette, Rebecca Sill, Joseph Redding, Deloris Blake, Shinjini Misra 

Starring: Amy Trotter, Cameron Geathers, Chris Cole, Kristina Blake, Lee Neathery, Melissa G

Meet The Autism News Network Team


Hi I'm Amy. I like YouTube, video games, anime, and FNAF. Things you should know about me are: I have high functioning autism, but I am very friendly.


My name is Cameron and I am a member of the Autism News Network. I have Asperger's Syndrome. In my spare time I like to listen to music, travel, and watch tv.

Chris Cole

I'm a pretty open minded and carefree guy when I can be. I'm into video, board, card games and a good number of things. I will do what I can to help others in the spectrum as well.

Jacob Mathias

My favorite hobby is playing video games, which are Nintendo Switch games. My favorite video game franchise is Mario and my favorite character is Mario.

Kristina Blake aka DQ (Drama Queen)

I like playing games, listening to music, I love children, and I absolutely love my group with the ANN. I interview, produce, edit, and post videos for the ANN.



Melissa Goldfine aka BG (Broadway Girl)

I enjoy editing videos for fun and love Broadway musicals. hope to gain a lot of editing skills from Autism News Network in order to one day work in a job where I can get paid to do what I love in life.


Short Bio TBD


Short Bio TBD

Scott Biehl aka Godfather

My interest includes cars, trains, planes, nutcrackers, woodworking, tools, and kids. I love helping to teach autistics how to live and improve my own life.

Who we are

The Autism News Network (ANN) is made up of adults with autism who are passionate about creating media content and showing the world what individuals with Autism can do!

Clinicians from the Medical University of South Carolina, under the direction of Dr. Frampton Gwynette, provide support and coaching for the ANN participants.

What we do

ANN participants conduct and film interviews with exciting guests, edit and produce media content, and post completed projects to the ANN’s website and social media platform.

Donate to The Autism News Network

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